Friday, July 8, 2011

The Video Calling In Facebook

The Video Calling In facebook

Today onwards, we are able to video chat/call from facebook.
It is great have this service in FaceBook.
I love Facebook.

Here, are the links  how to set up videocalling software in facebook.
-Log in to facebook,
Log in to facebook, enable, activate facebook "video calling". "video calling" is called facebook's new video chat service, reachable at, created in cooperation with the Internet phone service "Skype".

Face-to-face Video Chatting on Facebook. With the new facebook + skype service, users can now easily communicate and get connectet with each other via video call and video chat rooms.

According to Facebook, the new service will be activated in the coming weeks and will be free to all users.

Interested users can already now unlock Facebook's new video chat feature. To get started with facebook "video calling", visit the URL address:

Just over a week, Google Inc. launched its new social network "Google + Project" (in short: Google +, GPlus), which already features a video chat system, or a virtual or Chating Room, named "Hangout "(video Hangout).


Monday, June 27, 2011

google toolbar is not supported in firefox 5

Google ToolBar is not supported in FireFox

Currently lunched firefox 5 is not supporting google toolbar.
Most of the firefox users are google friendly so this issue must be resolved as soon as possible.
Some of the bullshits have blogged that google is working in firefox 5 but they are just fooling us.
So, plz don't believe them and waste your time.
Here is the picture below how it is not supported .

Also, here is these guys have post that google for firefox 5 .
Which is all the hell.